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What if a family does not want their student(s) to have/use their device(s) over the summer?

If a family does not want a child to have/use their Jeffco/school device over the summer, they should be directed to:

  • Work with the school to return the device

  • Store the device in a safe location at home

Can a parent/guardian limit their student’s activity on their Jeffco device?

  • Yes, parents/guardians have the right to completely take away the device over the summer if they choose to do so. They will also be able to limit activity on the device over the summer through the SecurlyHome App. More information is available on our public website.

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Information on the Jeffco Public site 

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Will students who have Chromebooks and/or iPads during JSEL school.

  • Students attending JSEL Summer School will use their school-issued device. JSEL schools understand that students may have a mix of Chromebooks and iPads.  Because students will be using Jeffco-supported digital tools, this should NOT be a problem. 

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Will there be any technical support available for families during the summer?
Students should utilize the public troubleshooting page to solve common problems. Students enrolled in summer school should contact their teacher with issues they are unable to solve. The teacher will contact the Technology Support Center for any issues including password or system access issues due to student security/ identification issues.  

If the device is still unable to be fixed or is physically damaged: 

  • The school should provide a loaner device until a new one can be sent out. 

  • Put in a Jeffco Help Ticket requesting a replacement device to be sent, including student name and ID number. IT will send out a device as soon as possible.

  • IT will unassign the previous device and assign them a new one before delivery.

  • Students not in summer school:

  • Students should utilize the public troubleshooting page to solve common problems.

  • Devices that are unable to be fixed through the troubleshooting steps should be taken to 809 Quail St, Building 1, Room 121, Lakewood, CO 80215 over the summer or turned into their school librarian at the beginning of August in order to exchange for a working device.

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